HDMI + audio signal extender over single fiber cable


Highlight features

  • HDMI receiver supporting 3D and 4K over a fiber cable
  • Digital & analog audio output
  • Extends HDMI + audio + RS-232
  • Bi-directional RS-232
  • HDCP compliant, EDID transparent


Lightware HDMI-3D-OPT-RX150RA optical receiver provides extension of uncompressed Full-HD video and audio with optional HDCP encryption plus USB HID* over one multimode fiber up to 2500 m. The unit offers a digital and an analog audio output, bi-directional RS-232 pass-through, HDCP compliance and works at all standard AV resolutions.

The interface's 9 Gbps bandwidth is capable of transmitting 1080p (@120Hz) video signals, video up to 4K pixel resolution (4K x 2K @30Hz), as well as video with full support of content protection (HDCP). HDMI-3D-OPT-RX150RA offers dual audio outputs: a digital S/PDIF audio and a symmetrical analog output with PHOENIX connectors.

Single Fiber Technology makes the unit fully HDMI and HDCP compliant without the need of a second fiber cable or copper connections. To simplify cabling, the bi-directional communication - necessary for HDCP handshaking and USB transfer - is performed on the same fiber core that transmits the video signal. The receiver is configurable through the mini USB connector.

Intelligent HID Emulation* is provided for two devices with full transparency. The special HID devices including keyboard and mouse - are emulated by the extender and transparently transferred to the computer with the result that no drivers are required for the proper functionality, it’s as easy as Plug & Play.
*USB HID: Human Interface Device such as keyboard, mouse, presenter or Smart Card.
*USB HID (KVM) extension feature is under development, only available later.



  • Post production studios
  • Control room
  • Digital Signage
  • Multiroom video
  • Conference rooms, collaborative telepresence



  • HDMI 1.4 + Keyboard + Mouse fiber extender
  • Up to 4K x 2K @30Hz or 1080p @120Hz
  • HDCP 1.1 compliant extension over one multimode fiber
  • 3D compliant
  • 4K resolution can be achieved at lower frame rate (4096 x 2160 @30 Hz)
  • Audio output: digital S/PDIF and symmetrical analog audio
  • USB HID (Human Interface Device) only
  • Bi-directional RS-232 pass-through
  • Uncompressed video/audio up to 9 Gbps
  • Single Fiber Technology
  • Zero frame latency, no delay
  • SC optical fiber connector
  • Several status LEDs
  • USB control
  • Rack mounting options
  • Locking DC connector


Data rate: 9 Gbps maximum
Resolution: up to 4K x 2K @30Hz or 1080p @120Hz or 720p/1080i @120Hz
EDID support: transparent
HDCP pass through: yes
RS-232 pass through: yes
Fiber: 50/125 SC Multimode (preferred) 62.5/125 SC Multimode
Transmission distance:
(using OM3e or OM4 type fiber)
2500 m @ 1600x1200 60Hz 24bit
1500 m @ 1080p 60Hz 36bit Deep Color
Power: universal power adaptor, DC 5 V 2.5 A
Power consumption: 3,9 W (typ.) 6,5 W (max)
Enclosure: 1 mm metal
Dimensions: 100,4 W x 131,9 D x 26 H mm
Weight: 430 grams
Compliance: CE
Warranty: 3 years


Fiber input: SC receptacle
HDMI output: HDMI connector
USB HID (RX): 2 x USB-A female connector
Digital audio output: S/PDIF (digital)
Analog audio output: 5 pole PHOENIX connector
USB control: mini USB-B female connector
Serial port: 9-pole D-sub
Power: locking DC connector (2.5/5.5 mm)

Maximum extension distances
  OM1 OM2 OM3 OM4
  (62.5/125) (50/125) (50/125) (50/125)
1080p@60Hz 24 bpp 250 m 600 m 1200 m 2500 m
1080p@60Hz 36 bpp 150 m 400 m 800 m 1300 m


product brief front view
back view cad drawing
fiber cross compatibility table
accessories compatibility table

Standalone diagram

Locking DC plug

twist 90° clockwise to lock


Supplied accessory

Universal DC adaptor

Wall power adaptor with interchangeable plug
for international use.



Optional Accessories

Under desk mounting kit

The UD-kit makes easy to mount a single device on any flat surface (e.g. furniture).



Under desk mounting kit double


PSUx10-200-5V and PSUx20-400-5V



Rack mountable power supply unit for Lightware products.


这个控制选项允许终端设备(比如信号源和显示设备)通过矩阵的光纤或双绞线链路做远程控制,中控系统可以直接和这些连接的远程终端设备进行 RS232 双向通讯。控制指令和视频以及音频内容通过同一根光纤或双绞线传输,因此不需要再另外铺设线缆用于 RS232 控制。矩阵在这个功能上相当于是个指令的枢纽中心,控制系统只需要通过网络或RS232 与矩阵通讯就可以和连接到矩阵的所有光纤或 TPS发送器或接收器上的终端收发控制指令。


High fidelity signal management